Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smart Shopping

I very rarely purchase an item of clothing unless I can imagine wearing it in many different ways and for many occasions. I find that it saves me a lot of money, time and effort because it results in my full closet being at my disposal. 

Though it is true that I do own some items considered too casual or too formal for the work place, I try to keep that categorization to a minimum. If I buy something, it has to function for work and play. The best way to accomplish this is to buy items that I can dress up and dress down.

The blouse that I am wearing in the following OOTD is something that I purchased when I was looking for interview attire. The print is what attracted me initially, but I also liked the modest neckline and sleeves.  I have worn it to interviews by dressing it up with a grey crepe skirt from Eloquii, tights, black pumps, pearls and a fitted cardigan. It provided the perfect pop of color to my interview outfit. However, it also works well for a casual look, as you can see below. I wore with a high waisted skirt and comfy black flats to trek across campus and run some errands on a beautiful spring day.

Blouse  //  Similar Skirt  //  Satchel  //  Flats

I found a Dandelion that matched my blouse!

It was too pretty of a day to not take a jumping photo.
What are some strategies that you follow to be a wiser fashion consumer?
Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Did you get that satchel monogrammed? I've always wanted to have something that has my initials on it, it makes everything a little more special imo. Great color, too!
    And I like the overall feel of these pictures, makes me so eager for spring <3

  2. @Pashteit The satchel is indeed monogrammed with my initials. It is one of the reasons why I love The Leather Satchel Company. I highly recommend them because of all of their customization options, their quality, and their 5 year warranty. (Their site is not entirely helpful, but ordering through email can solve that issue.)

    I'm glad you like the feel of the pictures. Thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Diana, I love this look! It's fun and right on trend for spring. I am currently obsessing over yellow. I always follow Nina Garcia's rule that you should never buy anything that doesn't go with at least three other items in your closet. I would be in so much trouble otherwise!