Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get the look for Le$$

I have been lusting over infinity dresses since I first saw them in the wedding world. At first it was virtually impossible to find them in a plus size. Then, it was impossible to find plus-sized infinity dresses that were not crotch-revealing SHORT. Then, once the length issue was resolved, they remained ridiculously expensive. I refrained from buying one, because I could not justify spending $200 on a dress that would potentially result in a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions. Let's just say that Mona and Lisa do not need to make any surprise appearances!

Well, fret no further, my frugal fatshionistas! I recently discovered that there are cheaper alternatives!  You, too, can now own your very own versatile, miracle Little Black Dress for le$$!

Instead of paying a steep $195 for Monif C's Marilyn Dress, you can save yourself $136 if you go with Ashley Stewart's 10 Way Dress. If $60 is still a bit much, Target recently revealed its Mossimo version for only $40. You could save $155! Not only is that an amazing price, but they carry it up a size 4x! 

Get the look for le$$

What are your thoughts on infinity dresses? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A plus-sized interview outfit and the celebration afterwards

Have you ever tried searching online for plus-sized interview outfits? I did this recently and was quite disappointed in the frumpy options. I saw many shapeless suits in drab colors and boring button front shirts that gape open in the most inappropriate places.

I recently had to put together a couple of interview outfits on the cheap. Thankfully, I was able to take advantage of Eloquii's amazing winter sale and scored this wonderful crepe skirt. It is beautifully made, fully lined and seems as though it will last a lifetime. It is also very versatile and can be worn in many settings. Below you can see how I wear this skirt in two different ways for two very different situations.

Plus size interview outfit

The foundations for these two outfits can be seen in the center column. I wore these items to both the interview and to celebrate at the bar afterwards.
  • The skirt:
    This crepe, A-line skirt can be found at Eloquii for $70. That's quite a bit more money than I am comfortable spending on a skirt, but I purchased it while it was on major sale. Still, I can honestly say that the investment is truly worth it. It is a very well made, beautiful garment.
  • The satchel:
    This is my current obsession. The Leather Satchel Co makes beautiful, custom made satchels in virtually every size and color.  Mine fits me perfectly because of the extra 12 inches of strap. It serves well as a laptop + Portfolio bag as well!
  • The earrings:
    You can not go wrong with some simple, classic posts. Plus, these three can be found at Forever21 for only $1.50. 
The pieces seen on the left are what I wore for the actual job interview.
  • The blouse:  
    I found this blouse in
    Avenue's sales rack and paid $20, though is is currently on sale for $17. However, I must warn you about its sheerness. I wear it with a flesh-toned colored cami.
  • The bangles:
    These pearlescent bangles are adorable, classy, versatile and cheap! You can find them at Forever21 for $6.80.
  • The shoes:
    I have wide feet which means that I usually have a limited selection of cute pumps to choose from. I was excited to find these adorable and comfortable pumps at Avenue. They are currently on SUPER sale for $15! 
The pieces seen on the Right are what I wore for to celebrate with my girlfriends.
  • The blouse:  
    This knotted blouse is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down effortlessly. On colder days I pair it with a cardi since it is a bit thin. You can order it to fit your custom measurements at Eshakti.
  • The bangles:
    I am in love with floral patterns right now. Perhaps this is because I am wishing for spring. Either way, this adorable plastic bangle is a steal for only $5.80 at F21.
  • The shoes:
    Oh, how I love these mustard pumps. They are comfortable, affordable, and so very cute. You can find them at Zappos for $53. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Comfort in the classroom does not = frumpy

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I am currently putting together my professional wardrobe for my first official teaching gig this Fall. I am trying to put together items that I can incorporate into many outfits, because, as we all know, teachers do not make much money. I am looking for classic pieces now and slowly building a selection of outfits, taking advantage of winter sales. This is one ensemble that is classic, comfortable and affordable.

Comfort in the classroom does not = frumpy.
 By frugalfatshionista

All of these items are available in Plus Sizes below:
  • The dress:
    I love the shape of this dress as much as I love the pattern. You can find it at Eshakti, which allows you to custom order your clothing up to size 26W. You can request special sleeves, lengths and also submit your own measurements for a perfectly tailored dress. It is currently $70.
  • The satchel:
    I LOVE satchels but can not ever find any that fit me the way a satchel is supposed to fit. The staps are never long enough, which results in the satchel sitting in my armpit. This is not cute. This particular satchel is very similar to those from Leather Satchel Company, which can be ordered in any color (including green!) with as much strap as you need. My husband got one for me in Sherwood Green for Christmas with 12 extra inches of strap. It is perfect.
  • The bangles:
    I have always had the most difficult time finding jewelry that fit my wrists. But then I recently visited Dots! You can find Plus Sized Faux-Gold Bangles just like these at Dots.com for $8. 
  • The necklaces & earrings:
    Those extra-long, affordable necklaces and earrings can be found at Forever 21, which does not currently carry plus sized jewelry, but their long necklaces and earrings still fit me well.
  • The Mustard Yellow pumps:
    Those beauties are only 2" high and fit my wide foot rather comfortably. They can be found at Nordstrom for $65.