Monday, January 23, 2012

Comfort in the classroom does not = frumpy

I am currently putting together my professional wardrobe for my first official teaching gig this Fall. I am trying to put together items that I can incorporate into many outfits, because, as we all know, teachers do not make much money. I am looking for classic pieces now and slowly building a selection of outfits, taking advantage of winter sales. This is one ensemble that is classic, comfortable and affordable.

Comfort in the classroom does not = frumpy.
 By frugalfatshionista

All of these items are available in Plus Sizes below:
  • The dress:
    I love the shape of this dress as much as I love the pattern. You can find it at Eshakti, which allows you to custom order your clothing up to size 26W. You can request special sleeves, lengths and also submit your own measurements for a perfectly tailored dress. It is currently $70.
  • The satchel:
    I LOVE satchels but can not ever find any that fit me the way a satchel is supposed to fit. The staps are never long enough, which results in the satchel sitting in my armpit. This is not cute. This particular satchel is very similar to those from Leather Satchel Company, which can be ordered in any color (including green!) with as much strap as you need. My husband got one for me in Sherwood Green for Christmas with 12 extra inches of strap. It is perfect.
  • The bangles:
    I have always had the most difficult time finding jewelry that fit my wrists. But then I recently visited Dots! You can find Plus Sized Faux-Gold Bangles just like these at for $8. 
  • The necklaces & earrings:
    Those extra-long, affordable necklaces and earrings can be found at Forever 21, which does not currently carry plus sized jewelry, but their long necklaces and earrings still fit me well.
  • The Mustard Yellow pumps:
    Those beauties are only 2" high and fit my wide foot rather comfortably. They can be found at Nordstrom for $65.

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