Monday, October 24, 2011

The Frugal Fatshionista's guide to Halloween costumes.

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I love the month of October and here's why.

  1. Pumpkins.
    I <3 them. I <3 to eat them. I <3 to smell them. I <3 decorating and carving them. Did I mention that I <3 to eat them? Cause I do.  A lot.
  2. The weather.
    For about 6 months out of every year, Austin is hot. I'm talking Hot-As-Balls. When October rolls around, the weather starts to become a bit more tolerable, which means  I can occasionally wear pants again and not worry about dying of heat exhaustion as I run to my next class which always ends up being on the absolute furthest corner of campus. It also means that I get to wear the occasional cardigan or colorful scarf. It's exciting, y'all!
    I LOVE costumes. But, this deep seeded love only exists for homemade costumes. I value creativity and despise the inexplicable trend of sexy costumes. If I see you around town with little clothes on this Halloween, I will probably make fun of you behind your back (and to your face if I've had enough to drink) for looking ridiculous in your store-bought Sexy Nemo.
As I was saying, I love making costumes. I am a believer in the power of duck tape, hot glue and staplers.  They are MAGIC. (Notice that I do not mention a sewing machine since that contraption takes up too much space, too much time to set up /take down, and requires a skill that I have not yet acquired.)

Until recently, it was nearly impossible to find plus sized, store-bought costumes. If you were a fat woman searching for a costume, you had to settle for a stretchy poodle skirt, or the one-size-fits-most clown suit. Neither of those were creative or fun to me, so I got into the habit of just creating my own costumes. I find it very rewarding and it saves me a ton of money. (Spending $80 for a sexy Bee costume is insanity.)

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite costumes that I've created over the years using mostly materials that I already had at home (or found at the $1 store) and lots, and lots of duck tape. If you're in need of some Halloween costume inspiration, I hope these can help!