Thursday, September 22, 2011

"F" words

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  • I will just go ahead and put it out there: I am cheap. I might even be the cheapest person you will ever meet. I'm serious. Ask my husband.
  • I am frugal about everything in life. We subscribe to the Sunday paper just for the coupons. We stock up on food items when they are on super sale (Yey freezer!). We keep our eyes peeled for Groupon deals to our favorite places. We use our credit cards for every day purchases, pay them off instantly, and take advantage of the free cash-back/ points. In short, if there's a way to save money, we live by it.
  • Rather than brag about how much my material possessions cost, I like to brag about how little I spent.
  • When I go shopping for clothes I start at the clearance rack and work my way forward. If I happen to find something that I like that is not on sale, I won't buy it until it is. If I must have it, I will find a coupon first. If that item is not available in my size by the time it goes on sale, I live by the "it's just not meant to be" mantra and move on.
  • I will be the first to admit that my frugality is almost not even worth it sometimes. (This guy knows what I'm talking about.) But if you send me a coupon, and you have a sale, and you were already on my shopping list, I am ALL OVER THAT SHIT.

  • That small, three-letter word used to make me cringe. It used to sting. "Fatty! Fatty! Two by four! Let Diana through the door!" was what my classmates used to chant and hearing that used to bring me to tears.
  • Not anymore! I've learned to use the word to describe myself, to take away its power. After all, I AM fat. It's a [big] part of who I am. There is no reason for me to fear that adjective.
  • There's no denying my fatness. No amount of myspace posing, gut-sucking, or Spanx will ever change that.
    My thighs have always touched.
    I have always had a double chin.
    I have shopped in the Women's Plus Size section since I was in 3rd grade.
    I didn't always fit in the desks at school.
    Even today, there are some desks that I can not fit in at my university. 
  • Rather than wish that I was something that I will never be, I have learned to love myself and all of the fat that comes with it.

  • I love it.
  • I like the challenge of finding something cute and affordable, that will not fall apart after the first wash, and that will still be relevant next season.
  • I spend entirely too much time reading fashion blogs and wishing I had one of my own...oh wait...
  • With all of that said, I welcome you to my blog.


I am not the sugar-coating kind of person. I mean, I love to eat all things sugar coated, but what I am trying to say is that I am one snarky, brutally honest bitch sometimes. If I think something looks really awful on you, I'm the friend who asks "are you really going to wear that?" I'm not the type to sit back quietly and let you leave the house looking like a mess.  Just ask my bestie, Danielle (Long story short: I put her frumpy butt on What Not to Wear). If you're looking for a blog that's all sunshine, roses and rainbows all of the time, you have come to the wrong place. This is a blog about fashion. You don't get a gold star just because you dressed yourself this morning.