Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turquoise Tights

I love tights, but because I am a plus-sized woman, my options for color, texture and style have always been limited to whatever I could find from Just My Size.

I always wanted to try the faux-thigh-highs and patterned stockings, but they are almost impossible to find in my size. If they do exist in "plus sizes" they are often too small and whatever the pattern, it ends up looking stretched out and unfamiliar once they are on a plus-sized body. As much as I want to participate in that trend, wonky, stretched-out hearts are not very cute.

I also love colored tights, but Hanes' color selection is limited to neutrals like black, gray, navy, and flesh tones. I really wanted some bright blue tights, so that's when my search for crazy colors brought me to We Love Colors.

We Love Colors is a company that offers plus-sized Nylon/Lycra tights in 51 colors! FIFETY ONE COLORS! I'm pretty sure you all have heard of them already, but this is new to me. Please let me be excited for 5 minutes.

These tights have opened a whole new world to me. Do you have any idea how many halloween costumes I can create now? I can finally live my dream of being Nacho Libre. Oh yes, it's happening, y'all.

I won't deny that I was a bit discouraged by their price ($15), but after wearing them a few times this weekend, I can honestly say that they are worth the investment. Plus, I get to be Nacho. This is huge. (Actually, this depends entirely on whether or not The Husband agrees to be my partner, Esqueleto. Personally, I think blue hot pants are a good look for him. He thinks otherwise.)

Dress & cami: F21 // Tights: c/o WeLoveColors size EE // Shoes: Thrifted // Belt: DIY made from a purse strap

As you can see, they are very opaque.
They are very high waisted, though. But I liked that about them.

Their colors are the brightest I've ever seen in hosiery for people of my size.

I was VERY excited about them! Can you tell?

If I didn't wear a cami with this dress, I would probably be arrested.

What color tights do you think I should order next? I need help deciding!
Let me know in a comment below. :-)


  1. ¡Si! ¡Nacho!
    Some We Love Colors tights have been on my To Buy list for a while... I adore their wide range of colors.
    Don't you think kelly green should be next? It would match your coat + bag!

    ps - your jumping pix are SO CUTE!

  2. You have tremendous style! I love colour too, usually, but I tend to drift to black occasionally...

  3. Purple. can't go wrong with purple. Or green.

  4. Purple. can't go wrong with purple. Or green.

  5. I've been meaning to check out We Love Colors. The color of your tights is awesome! Cute look hun!

  6. Mustard!

    I want your shoes. I love the pic of you jumping. If I did that, I would be in rehab for my messed up ankle and knee and probably a broken hip.

  7. @anne m bray
    The Kelly Green idea sounds marvelous!

    Thank you for your compliments. I love YOUR sense of style, too!

    Oooh! I hadn't even considered purple. I think it would go with many items currently in my closet. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Consider Me Lovely
    You should give them a try. Their colors are fantastic!

    Mustard! Why didn't I think of that? I am currently OBSESSED with mustard. I think most of Austin is. :-)